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A Therapeutic Chain of Events

- or - The life and times of a wonder.

A Name By Any Other Would Just Be Uncivilized.
27 September 1982
I am a student of communication, journalism, and American popular culture. To what end this will take me I have no idea. I'm an uber dork who loves to watch Star Trek. I love beer and whiskey, but not together. On occasion, I don't give myself that much credit. I bleed orange, though some wouldn't believe it. If it weren't for my iPod, I'm sure I would have died somewhere on I-81, I-40, and I-26. My iPod is also terribly moody. I know the Fox News Channel is evil, yet I love to watch it for the giggles. Same goes for listening to Rush, Savage, and Bortz. I love to debate the merits of comic book movies, but will turn on a dime and rip them apart if they suck. I giggle at silly headlines in the newspaper, because I can name at least two things wrong with them. I'm a fiscally conservative, socially liberal, middle of the road political addict - thanks to graduate school. I'm obsessed with wiring and cable organization, but my apartment hasn't benefited from said obsession. I'm a Apple convert. I love my Mac, and I think it loves me back. I'm writing a thesis because I love to torture myself. I'm getting married, and can't wait for the wedding. In true Man fashion, I rarely call my friends, or use the phone for that matter, and I miss them all.